In honor of National Women’s Day I want to share a photo of, in my opinion, one of the best role models for girls and women everywhere: Britney Spears. Britney has been to hell and back and still has a thriving career. Now seven years since her infamous mental breakdown, she is performing in a sold out Vegas Residency. Britney has taught me resiliency. No matter how hard you fall, you can pick yourself up and come out on top. She also has taught me to be respectful and kind. You have never heard Britney bad mouth anyone. She’s always been respectful and courteous to her peers, fans and harshest critics. She’s taught me to stay true to myself and be humble. She is one of the richest women alive and yet still shops at Target and Walmart. She’s not afraid to go out without make up on, hair up, in sweats. In 2009 she even released unedited photos from her Candies shoot to show girls that no one is perfect, and not even the models on the magazine covers look like that. In short, Britney encompasses everything I think a person should strive to be and I hope that Britney’s story will continue to inspire people like it inspired me.

Happy 31st Birthday Britney Spears